“The strongest force in the whole human personality is this need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves”.

You have a choice, you are either going to repeat what you’re doing or you’re going to evolve it. The new you is not about BECOMING it’s about stepping into that person now. Who do you GET to be to have the life you desire? In this session you are going to have the opportunity to create your own ideal qualities that you have the opportunity to embody in order to step into the greatest version of yourself.

Duration - 60 Minutes

Audience – Adults and Students Years 10 - 12

Maximum Number of Participants - Unlimited



Women have a very strong connection to their intuition however learning to act on this magnificent trait can be uncomfortable and often women will go against what they feel is right them in order to avoid conflict. Womenhood is about helping women take off the mask and shine in their own unique and authentic brilliance. 


This workshop offers women and young ladies a safe place to be vulnerable and ask questions that they wouldn’t otherwise ask.

Duration - 60 Minutes

Audience – Adults and Women Years 10 - 12

Maximum Number of Participants - Unlimited


To all teachers and parents out there, imagine if your relationships around you could become so much more effective by understanding the difference between masculine and feminine energy. This workshop allows you to clearly identify the needs our children, our co-workers and our partners through understanding the uniqueness of a Male brain and the female brain all the way down to our survival behaviours and the behaviours of the spirit. With this greater awareness you can communicate to others in a way that brings out their fullest potential.


Duration - 60 Minutes

Audience – Parents / Teachers and adults - 18+

Maximum Number of Participants - 250

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