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Soul Alignment and Embodiment Coach


I'm here to be your guiding light and empower you to create the change you’ve been longing for, by achieving your goals and learning to live the life you’ve always dreamt of.


Have you ever had shame / fear / guilt or regret rent so much space in your mind that you don't feel yourself anymore? But when you can't even comprehend what your going through, how could you possibly face up and ask for help? Have you ever craved guidance but in the same breath you feel to too embarrassed, too ashamed or too scared to speak up about what your going through?

It can be stressful or even terrifying but I also know how amazingly liberating it is to own your story as opposed to letting it own you.

Your story is a gift and as much as it may feel hard in the moment you can come out of it stronger more powerful; and freer then ever. Yes, it is possible. Yes, you can get to the place of true freedom, joy and abundance. 

My life changed when I felt safe enough to address my darkest, deepest wound. To ask for help and share my scariest most shameful secret.  To be able to open up to one who understands, who’s been there or can relate. Who doesn’t judge and simply helps you to put back together your own puzzle of life.  

Right now you may be carrying this pain all on your own. Loosing touch with who your really are. It’s my biggest most burning desire to never let someone stay stuck in their pain simply because it’s too scary to address. You no longer need to feel completely alone and isolated in the fear of your own story.

That’s why I have created this intimate safe space to free yourself from suffering and reignite the fire in your soul and bring the joy back into your heart. A space where one can share their story, perhaps for the very first time. Maybe it’s some intimate secrets or the very thing you’re to shameful or embarrassed to admit out loud. Nothing shocks me. I’ve heard it all. Nothing is right or wrong. It just simply is what it is.

Through my one on one coaching, my deepest desire is to help you free yourself from the chain that’s been keeping you down. To help you, like I helped myself. To move from drowning to feeling liberated.

  • Turning your biggest pain into your most beautiful blessing

  • Falling in love with yourself and being comfortable in your own skin

  • Overcoming shame, whether sex related or not

  • Setting yourself free from the burden that’s been holding you down

  • Releasing yourself from suffering

  • Step into your true authenticity and own your worth

  • Thrive after rock bottom moments

  • Taking your power back

  • Reconnecting with the person you know you’re capable of being

  • Finding purpose and your passions in life



Thinking of Kate gives me chills! I’m so grateful I attracted her into my life. The discussions I have had with her have been life changing. Each discussion is full of empowerment and I every time I walk away I feel I need a week to integrate all the nuggets I learnt. She is so passionate about moving all your mental blockages away and for you to step up into your dream life! Whenever you get to work with Kate I highly, highly recommend doing so because it’s a big gift that will change your life!

Chi Schulz

Solo Parent Empowerment Coach

I was introduced to Kate via a mutual friend, a few months after being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue.
Having studied psychology & completed several coaching programs over the years, I rarely experience anything new with regards to life strategy sessions.
Within minutes of my first conversation with Kate, I immediately noticed an incredible passion for life accompanied by wisdom WELL beyond her years.
Kate has an unrivalled thirst for knowledge & an ability to share her insights in a gentle & loving way.
After speaking to LOADS of highly qualified medical professionals, I can honesty say that my first discussion with Kate was THE tipping point in my recovery.
I now consider her a valued friend & confidant.
I'd strongly encourage anyone who is REALLY prepared to rip off the band aid & move their life forward, to connect with this amazing soul.
Thank you Kate. You're amazing 

Damian Zammit 
Co Founder of The Space Australia

I never even realised the amount of shame that I had been carrying around in my ‘emotional backpack’ until I started to work with Kate. She enabled me to firstly name then release this undercurrent that had been suffocating me for such a long time. I am forever indebted to Kate. I cannot thank her enough for the transformation she created in me and my life.

Rachel Rose

Marketing Specialist

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